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Redefine Customer Experience
Proactively in Real-Time

Digital Care

Redefine Customer Experience
Proactively in Real-Time

iFIX Platform as a Service

Integrated Framework for
Intelligent eXperience

We offer iFIX Autonomous Digital Care platform as a service – that enhances profitability across people, process and customers through our proprietary Intelligent-Automation Engine DPR© (Detection - Prevention - Resolution) and Development Engine iGNITE©.

5 key functional modules to iGNITE your competitive advantage.


Seamlessly integrate with enterprise ecosystem


Enable omni-channel insights to drive an impactful interaction


Convert engaging responses into actionable outcomes


Reduce iterative interactions to improve user experience


Realtime actionable insights to accelerate decision

Business Solution

Autonomous Customer Care (iFIX ACC)

A B2B SaaS solution for Customer Acquisition, Retention and Endurance of your business – We call it your CARE journey.

Customer Engagement Automation

Have the freedom – automate all channels of interaction to improve Customer Centricity through our Engagement Cloud solution

Customer Intelligence Data Platform

Acquire Customer Intelligence data, increase transparency, and reduce customer defection with personalized attention. Use our Customer Intelligence cloud solution to drive your customer interaction to a definable outcome

Autonomous Customer Service

Prevent silent Customer Churn by proactive, autonomous resolution through our Service Automation Cloud

Realtime Customer Analytics

Seize opportunities or prevent problems before they happen, in real time. Use our Analytics Cloud solution for unified view of all customer touch points

iFIX ACC Premium Solution

Customer Value Experience | Sales Accelerator | Customer Preference Centre | Intelligent Contact Centre | Loyalty & Privilege Management | Customer Governance Risk & Compliance | iGNITE based Customs Solutions

Business Solution

Enterprise Digital Care (iFIX EDC)

A B2B SaaS solution to drive enterprise productivity with AI & Automation technology.

Digital Command Centre

Our next generation SaaS solution for multi-entity, multi-cloud, managed service platform for internal and external customers. Optimize resources, facilities & infrastructure, track all data junctions, drive business process automation, accelerate timely response and facilitate faster decisions.

Autonomous Service Management

A future-proof SaaS solution with Intelligent Service Automation System for a smarter enterprise. Delivers service automation, intelligent driven resolution through our Gyaani Auto-BOT solution along with a plug-and-play service execution foundation platform. ITIL v4 compliant Service Management focused on Outcomes, Value, Cost, and Risk using AI and automation technologies and proprietary Detect-Predict-Recommend (DPR©) engine. Delivers services at speed with higher predictability, 100% consistency and least human dependency.

Enterprise IT & OT Connect

API first philosophy! Seamless integration to and from our SaaS Solution from all enterprise data junctions – be it internal or external, IT applications or OT (Operational technology) applications. Use our API cloud.

Realtime Service Analytics

Our Analytics Cloud solution for real time decision making – provide business insights in real time as well as driving you to execute the insight based actions in real-time

iFIX EDC Premium Solution
Privacy Governance-Risk & Compliance Solution | Cloud based Electronic Lab Notebook (Cloud ELN) for Pharma-R&D Digitalization | Remote workforce productivity solution | iGNITE based Customs Solutions


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Autonomous Customer Care
Enterprise Digital Care
Digital Command Centre
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