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iFIX ACC – Autonomous Customer Care


iFIX ACC software is an end-to-end multi- channel customer engagement automation solution. It focuses on providing a complete customer CARE transformation through AI and automation technology.This transformational journey covers

Customer Acquisition, Retention and Endurance (CARE) – we call it a CARE

iFIX Benefits:

  • 100% automation of entire customer engagement function
  • 30%+ increase in sales by every year
  • 75% improvement in profitability
  • Improve Customer Service TAT: > 60%
  • Customer Intelligence Data Platform
  • Control, Visibility, Compliance: 100%
iFIX ACC Business Solutions:
Feature list

Customer Engagement Automation

An end-to-end automation solution, powered by intelligence, to capture customer interactions, voice of the customer, and customer behaviour across multi-channel to deliver a real time experience.
iFIX ACC connects to customer through IVR/Tollfree number, email, sms, Facebook and other social media, Customer Portal, Website, Google Connector, LiveChat, ChatBOT, WhatsApp, etc. Immediate response, readily available API for connect to all data junctions, conversational BOT platforms (iFIX Gyaani for Chat, Talk, Video, Live-chat, Language, etc).
Customer Intelligence Data Platform

Consolidate all customer data junctions into an integrated single platform to derive personalised customer insights.
Customer Service Automation

Customer support, Service Centre operations, DMS Premium Care for Distributors & Service Partners, Customer Value Agreements, Product Support Incentive Process, Preventive Maintenance of Connected Assets.
Sales Accelerator

AI based offer recommendation, lead generation, sales conversion
Customer Preference Centre

Customer insight-based campaign and promotion management, Product and Brand launch
Intelligent Contact Centre

A contact centre modernization solution driven by intelligent automation – bringing together digital, physical and social realms of customer journey through a real-time solution.
Loyalty & Privilege Management

Recognize customer loyalty, offer preferential services and benefits, expand your share of their wallet, Strike a lasting relationship
Customer Governance Risk & Compliance

Alerts, Notifications & Warnings thru multiple channels like SMS, Email, Messenger, etc. Configurable escalations management, Access-Authorization-Usage monitoring & control
ERP & Finance Integration

Integration to ERP and Accounting applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Tally and other software, Customs ERP integration, customs billing software integration
Real-time Customer Analytics:

Responsive KPI Dashboards in Realtime, NPS, Customer Journey Map, Online Service History in real-time, Channel performance, Customs Reports and dashboards, Reporting Automation. Productivity, Visibility, Governance & Compliance Analytics, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Report Configurator – Self Service Reporting & Dashboards.

iFIX EDC – Enterprise Digital Care


iFIX EDC software focuses on driving enterprise productivity across its various operational departments as well as inter-departmental service areas.Working as a self-healing solution

for an enterprise, iFIX EDC commits to assured business outcomes against the stated objectives.

  • Seamless connection to all Data Junctions
  • Autonomous IT Care – ITSM & ITOM Services
  • Autonomous Employee Care
  • Autonomous Vendor Care
  • Finance Digitalization
  • Privacy Governance Risk & Compliance
  • ITIL Ver 4.0 Compliant
  • PinkVerify Compliant
iFIX EDC Benefits:

  • 60%+ increase in TAT (Turn Around Time) within 3 months
  • 40% + reduction in TCO within 1 year
  • 100% assurance to compliance and control
  • Agile digital care experience platform –next gen service management
  • Minimize business risk – least disruption to business operations
  • Ensures Business continuity – adapt to remote, unsupervised ways of working
  • Improve technology adoption by business – self service capability
iFIX EDC Business Solutions
Feature list

Intelligent Service Management

Next generation service management tool covering service desk and ticketing, ITIL 4.0 compliant service management processes powered by Hyper Intelligent Automation technology as well as PinkVerify Compliant. Key features include autonomous service category identification, autonomous case assignment, understand user sentiment and behaviours, 1-Click ticketing, automation driven resolution, Realtime KEDB, Interactive Knowledge Management, Digital Asset Management, collaboration visibility, SLA Meter, and ITGC Audit Compliance Log. Covers all service management processes required for Infrastructure Management Services, Cyber Security Management Services, and Application Management Services for ERP, SAP and other enterprise web and mobile applications.
Digital Command Centre

Automation driven Intelligent command centre solution, Managed Service Platform, Customer wise privacy and service centre wise global visibility, 1 Platform — multiple company service, Leverage mass production technology for services, ideal for shared service centre automation, Command Centre Dashboard.
Privacy Governance & Risk Management

Privacy Case Management in real-time, Identity and Access Monitoring, Multi-Channel Hotline Reporting Facility, Alerts, Notifications & Warnings thru multiple channels, Privacy Governance Risk Assessment & Compliance, Realtime Privacy GRC Analytics
Remote Workforce Productivity

Remote Working task management from planning to execution & monitoring, Integrated multi-channel collaboration, automated timesheets, utilization and access governance, productivity, and performance dashboards, Realtime KPI.
Multi-Channel Connect

Readily available API for connect to all data junctions – internal and external apps, IT & OT, IVR, social media, and conversational BOT platforms (iFIX Gyaani for Chat, Talk, Video, Live-chat, Language Translation, etc).
iGNITE Dev Engine – Build Your Customized Solution

Ignite your imagination, build your own custom solution fitting to your special requirements, use our proprietary development engine — iGNITE. No coding skills required.
Real-time Enterprise Analytics:

Responsive KPI Dashboards in Realtime, Productivity, Profitability, Visibility, Governance & Compliance Analytics, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Report Configurator – Self Service Reporting & Dashboards.

iFIX Gyaani – Conversational BOT platform

iFIX Gyaani:

iFIX Gyaani is an autonomous conversational BOT platform equipped with intelligence to enhance the user interaction with great humour, monitor user behaviour, gain insights and simple great at providing personalized service for basic and repetitive tasks.

A great tool for your employee’s productivity augmentation and round the clock service.


  • 1-to-Many: Enhanced Customer Engagement
  • 24x7x365 Always-Available Customer Service
  • Monitor Consumer Behaviour, Gain Insights
  • Better Lead Generation, Qualification and Nurturing
  • Easier Access to Global Market
  • TCO reduction in basic & repetitive tasks
iFIX Gyaani Business Solutions:
Feature list

Text Chat– English & Multi-lingual

Privacy Governance & Risk Management

Transliteration Chat (Local language in English Script)

Structured & Unstructured Chat

English, Indian & Multi-Lingual

Language Translation

IVR Transformation

FAQ Maker

Natural Language Processing

Content Configurator

Behavioural/Sentimental Response

Exclusion List (Slang, Unwanted List)

Video, Audio & Image based Chat

Chat Routing to Live Agent

Built-In AI-ML Learning Model

Language Dialect Detection

Configurable Rule Engine, W/Flows

Application Ecosystem Integration

Platform Integration

Reporting & Analytics

Data Governance & Compliance

BOT Admin

CSAT & Feedback

Authentication & SSO

Log & Review

Conversation Break & Exit Option


Content Subscription

Payment Plugin

Personalization & Visual Effects

Social Media Integration

Conversation History Tracker

Chat Session Monitoring Module

Recommendation Engine

iFIX TransGene – Digital Drug Discovery Solution

iFIX TransGene:

iFIX TransGene is a digitally secured cloud-based solution for end-to-end drug discovery processes in pharma and healthcare industry. The solution offers complete automation of entire Lab process,

enhances operational productivity, optimizes chemical inventory utilization, and put the drug discovery process in the high-speed lane with enhanced security and visibility.


  • 100% automation of entire Drug Discovery function
  • TCO Reduction of 25%+ by eliminating repeat experiments
  • Typical Cost Savings of Rs 3 Crores+ per year per 50 Chemists


  • 30%+ gain in operational efficiency
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance for electronic records authentication assurance
  • Reduces compliance risks, improves data quality and captures complete experiment transactions audit trails.
  • Visible, Fast-tracked, Integrated Drug Discovery process across locations and geographies
iFIX TransGene Business Solutions:
Feature list

Digital Lab Notebook

DLN (Digital Lab Notebook) provides a cloud based complete ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) functionality. DLN system replaces the paper-based notebooks. It electronically capture / document all the research, experiments, calculations and procedures performed in laboratory setup
Chemical Inventory Management System

CIMS enables to increase inventory accuracy and operational efficiency by reducing carrying costs and optimizes the inventory write-offs
Compound Data Management System

CDMS designed to do compound registration and store the structural and accompanying information into in-house Database. The compounds go through validation, QC and normalization steps before registration. Provision for Batch & Legacy compound registration.
Analytical Ticketing System

ATS enables the processing of samples by chemists and analytical team to efficiently perform analytical tests through online ticket generation and analytical result upload.
Instrument Tracking System

ITS provides access to book instruments online and provides instant updates on availability and current usage, calibration schedule and business vertical priorities.
Animal Inventory System

AIS is a robust system to minimize Animal inventory and manage supplies efficiently, animal requisition, projections and manages inventory: stock registration, protocol registration , protocol inventory, animal culling and protocol expiry.
ERP/ Enterprise App Integration

Integration to ERP/SAP and other enterprise applications for procurement, inventory and accounting visibility.
Real-time R&D Analytics:

Realtime Responsive KPI Dashboards, Productivity and Operations Analytics, Customs Reports and Dashboards

Build Your Business App - iGNITE Dev Engine

Ignite your imagination to build your own custom solution fitting to your special requirements, use our proprietary development engine – iGNITE. No coding skills required.

Value Proposition

iFIX value proposition is driven by business outcome. The business KPI we improve are the following:

Customer Response TAT – through multi-channel Eco-system Integration

Profitability – across people, processes, and customers by up to 75%

Productivity – through Intelligent automation technology DPR©

Operational Efficiency – through our pioneered tool Responsive KPI

Cost Savings – through Business Automation, IT & Shared Service Management


Data Driven Decision Capability – Actionable Insights for resolution in Real-time