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iFIX services facilitates our customers to drive a competitive advantage and gain confidence on our products. We have a template based approach showcasing our best practice methodology that customer can leverage upon from Free Trials onwards to carry out a Digital Discovery Journey identifying the key goal to achieve, to Deployment for business adoption and Academy to skill up their resources on iFIX administration and iFIX Development. Our typical standard deployment cycle is about 2 weeks.

Free Trials

Try our products for free to test the features and functionality you are looking for – You can consider this is your Free Pilot. You can choose between Autonomous Customer Care (iFIX ACC) for any customer facing requirement and Enterprise Digital Care (iFIX EDC) for any enterprise facing requirements. Fill out the form below and send to us. We will send you your iFIX credentials within a day’s notice.

Explore your journey now. Decide for adoption later.

Digital Growth Discovery

Digital Growth Discovery is a workshop that we conduct with your executive and operations team to brief them about gaining productivity with same amount of time, using our expertise in latest of Digital technologies. The workshop is all about how can you do your same daily activities with channels, speed, intelligence, automation and portability and define your own growth journey, as the name suggest. It comes in the context of – when an organization is looking forward to increasing its operational momentum rapidly but did not wish to make any huge investment. Our technology play comes there for your rescue.

Our workshops typically spread over half-a-day, ending with a precisely prescribed solution for your need. Keeping focus on the business problem all the time, the solution may cut across technologies. Many-a-times, we make ourselves responsible for the outcome you get – as a part of our assurance that what we say is what we do!


iFIX standard solutions are available on self-service deployment mode. However, depending on the circumstances, we do provide an Assisted Methodology to help you with a quick deployment. Our methodology is simple, template based, and provide a step-by-step guidelines for the configurations of the iFIX modules

iFIX standard solutions takes between 2 weeks to 4 weeks for deployment. However, we can take this responsibility on your behalf, as per the requirement, to provide you with a ready made solution.

Customer Deployment can be included along with our standard offering.


iFIX Academy provides Training and Career Development programmes on the business functions delivered through iFIX products. Our programmes help in developing skills to become iFIX Business Analyst, iFIX Configuration Consultant and iFIX Development Consultant.

iFIX Business Analyst – works with the organization to understand its process and system requirements, conducts Digital Discovery workshop to introduce iFIX based solutions to business problems,defines the business specifications that aligns to the objective and goal statement.

iFIX Configuration Consultant – works on product configuration console DGC, configure the system as per process requirements and make the system ready for business use.

IFIX Development Consultant – works on iFIX development engine iGNITE, develop functional enhancements and build customs solutions to address specific business needs.