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iFIX Platform

iFIX technology solution provides an integrated Framework for Intelligent eXperience. It’s an autonomous digital care platform that works on the principle of Hyper Intelligent Automation to deliver superior customer experience and improve Enterprise productivity. . Powered by iFIX proprietary technology ‘DPR’ designed on the principle of Detection-Prevention-Resolution, that drives real-time intelligent decision based on collected / integrated data, recommending the right course of action for proactive mitigation and then execute best action following the principle of automation technology. iFIX works in multi-cloud environment catering to next generation enterprise architecture.

The core objective of iFIX is to enhance profitability across the 3 pillars of an organization:

Empower through self-service


A fast track process lane by automating all data junctions


Intelligence based recommendation to drive home a relationship

Key components

Multi-Cloud Platform:

With the bult-in capability to work in multi-cloud environment, iFIX provides the best fit to the growing cloud infrastructure need of enterprises. We work closely with all 3 leading cloud providers- Azure, AWS and GCP – to ensure a cloud agnostic approach to our value proposition.

DPR Engine:

The built-in proprietary engine – DPR – works as the backbone of the platform. DPR engine performs autonomous detection, autonomous prevention, and autonomous resolution. Its capabilities include automated data capture, data diagnosis, symptom analysis, problem detection, recommending preventive and corrective actions, and automation driven execution of the identified action. in a sort, it is the self-healing program for an enterprise to provides an augmented intelligent experience to its people with AI/ML driven flawless execution at speed.

Product Architecture:

iFIX is developed on a robust product architecture foundation. The foundation layers include Presentation Layer, Security Layer, Applications Layer (Core Module Layer and Customer Specific Extension Layer), Operations Layer, and Infrastructure Layer. The product features and functionalities are built in a way that is – Modular, Efficient, Reliable, and Process Oriented. The key strength of our product attributes are the following to provide a Faster, Sleeker, Smarter and Affordable software service.

Micro-service based
5 Functional Modules

iFIX delivers business outcome through 5 business facing modules. Each has its specific purpose aligned to unique business context of an enterprise IT ecosystem.



iFIX software products and solutions has 2 dedicated domain focus: Customer and Enterprise. Our iFIX ACC solution drives customer profitability and iFIX EDC drives enterprise profitability. iFIX Gyaani is our AI-powered conversational platform across text, voice, omni-lingual, sign language, IVR and autonomous service. We have a dedicated solution – iFIX TransGene – that provides a clod-based, digital Drug Discovery solution for pharmaceutical industry.

iFIX ACC – Autonomous Customer Care


iFIX ACC software is an end-to-end multi- channel customer engagement automation solution. It focuses on providing a complete customer CARE transformation through AI and automation technology.This transformational journey covers Customer Acquisition, Retention and Endurance (CARE) – we call it a CARE

iFIX Benefits:
  • Higher conversion of Attention into Transaction: Up to 30% increase in sales
  • 100% automation of entire customer engagement function:Instant Engagement
  • Customer Intelligence Data Platform: Real-time GTM Action Plan with Personalized Recommendation
  • Customer Response TAT: >60% improvement
  • Business Endurance: Up to 75% improvement in profitability
  • Customer Value Governance, Risk and Compliance: 100% Control & Visibility
iFIX ACC Business Solutions:

iFIX Gyaani – Conversational AI BOT

iFIX Gyaani:

iFIX Gyaani is an autonomous conversational BOT platform equipped with intelligence to enhance the user interaction with great humour, monitor user behaviour, gain insights and simple great at providing personalized service for basic and repetitive tasks.A great tool for your employee’s productivity augmentation and round the clock service.A great tool for your employee’s productivity augmentation and round the clock service.

  • 1-to-Many: Enhanced Customer Engagement
  • 24x7x365 Always-Available Customer Service
  • Monitor Consumer Behaviour, Gain Insights
  • Better Lead Generation, Qualification and Nurturing
  • Easier Access to Global Market
  • TCO reduction in basic & repetitive tasks
iFIX Gyaani Business Solutions:

iFIX EDC – Enterprise Digital Care


iFIX EDC software focuses on driving enterprise productivity across its various operational departments as well as inter-departmental service areas.Working as a self-healing solution for an enterprise, iFIX EDC commits to assured business outcomes against the stated objectives.

  • Seamless connection to all Data Junctions
  • Autonomous IT Care – ITSM & ITOM Services
  • Autonomous Employee Care
  • Autonomous Vendor Care
  • Finance Digitalization
  • Privacy Governance Risk & Compliance
  • ITIL Ver 4.0 Compliant
  • PinkVerify Compliant
iFIX EDC Benefits:
  • Digital Command Centre: Realtime Responsive KPI across all Data Junctions
  • 60%+ increase in TAT (Turn Around Time) within 3 months
  • 40% + reduction in TCO within 1 year
  • 100% assurance to compliance and control
  • Autonomous Service Resolution using AI & Automation – lesser dependency on human but greater speed of service delivery
  • Minimize business risk – least disruption to business operations
  • Ensures Business continuity – adapt to remote, unsupervised ways of working
  • Improve technology adoption by business – self service capability
iFIX EDC Business Solutions:

iFIX TransGene – Digital Drug Discovery Solution

iFIX TransGene:

iFIX TransGene is a digitally secured cloud-based solution for end-to-end drug discovery processes in pharma and healthcare industry. The solution offers complete automation of entire Lab process,enhances operational productivity, optimizes chemical inventory utilization, and put the drug discovery process in the high-speed lane with enhanced security and visibility.

  • 100% digitalization of entire Drug Discovery process: Visible, Fast-tracked, Integrated process across locations and geographies
  • Typical Cost Savings of US$ 41,000+ (Rs 3 Crores+) per year per 50-member team of scientists
  • >25% TCO Reduction: Eliminate repeat experiments and optimize chemical inventory utilization
  • >30% gain in operational efficiency
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance for electronic records authentication assurance
  • Reduces compliance risks, improves data quality and captures complete experiment transactions audit trails.
iFIX TransGene Business Solutions:

iGNITE Development Engine

Ignite your imagination to build your own custom solution fitting to your special requirements, use our proprietary development engine – iGNITE. No coding skills required.

Why iFIX?

iFIX brings you 3 distinct advantages to propel your business growth. We call these as “Drivers of Excellence”.

3 Drivers of Excellence
Technology Excellence Driver:

iFIX proprietary engine – Detection-Prevention-Resolution (DPR©) – provides a seamless real-time execution of personalized recommendation from auto-capture to auto-finish – a completely autonomous solution

Productivity Excellence Driver:

Realtime Responsive KPI – a pioneering approach to new way of working for the entire team – from every employee to the senior most leader – tracks productivity and operational efficiency in every second. The entire organization runs in a completely auto-pilot mode.

Commercial Excellence Driver:

We follow Outcome based pricing model – an innovative engagement model to ensure our product and solution outcomes are tied up with our customers’ business objective – a way to promise true value for money.


iFIX is listed on the Microsoft’s Azure marketplace. Click here for more details.

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