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iFIX Partner Network Program

Unlock amazing profit potential while helping customers reimagine Digital Experience


iFIX Partner Program

iFIX Partner Program (IPP) is simple, predictable, and profitable, providing Partners with a complete growth path, a clear discount structure, sales resources, supported with training tools, and relationships that help partners succeed.

Program Benefits

It’s easy to become a iFIX Partner and earn great benefits. Partners receive:

  • Tier-based discounts and deal protection to drive sales and boost earnings
  • Incentives tied to value-add activities: finder’s fees and influence fee
  • Program enrollment: allows you to build new transactional models and shift with customer buying habits
  • Free industry-recognized role-based enablement
  • Access to pre-sales and technical programs
  • iFIX marketing offerings to help drive leads
  • Enhanced partner management and field sales support

Partner Investment

Program requirements are straight forward, and we make it easy for you to capitalize on this fastgrowing market segment. Based on your tier within the program, you’ll be asked to meet business, enablement, certification, and marketing requirements

iFIX Partner Type

Opportunities for every Partners
Global Strategic System Integrators and Consulting Firms

Global Strategic System Integrators and Consulting Firms

Partners that help design, plan, develop, and deploy Digital Care solutions using iFIX technology & platform for projects of all sizes and complexities.

Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers

iFIX Managed Service Providers build, deploy, manage and support a differentiated Digital
Command Centre, Enterprise Digital Care, and Autonomous Customer Care solution that
complements existing and new managed service offerings.

OEM Partners

OEM Partners

Companies that integrate or embed iFIX DPR© Engine and Connect/API integration products into existing solutions for more powerful Digital Care Engagement and ecosystem.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Complementary technology vendors and Cloud platform providers who expand coverage,
extend reach, and add value to iFIX ecosystems for customers worldwide.

Reselling Partners

Reselling Partners

Companies that provides and resells Customer Care solutions, Intelligent Enterprise Services products and Digital Transformation products to their existing customer base as well new to increase engagement and deliver Digital transformation value

iFIX Partnering to Success

Our successful partnership starts here From an end-to-end modern Autonomous Digital Care platform based on our Patented DPR© engine, to support in enhancing customer’s Digital engagement experience across their consumers, vendors and employees.

A Cloud subscription-based model that aligns with dynamic outcome base licensing, the iFIX Partner Program offers you opportunities for business growth, increased profitability, and the right tools and resources to build your practice and deliver differentiated customer value.

For your customers, it means industry leading solutions and a more compelling proposition for today’s business transformation-focused organizations

Partner Tier and Benefits

Accelerating Opportunities – To drive joint success

As digital transformation becomes the rallying cry for organizations competing in today’s rapidly shifting landscape, AI/ML driven s Digital Automation has become the foundation of a new economy. At the same time, the Customer and Enterprise engagement is changing rapidly from legacy approaches to next generation solutions to accelerate insights that drive real-time response based on 360o view across all channel to improve business performance and customer retention.

Proven Leadership within a very short period of our existence

iFIX Autonomous Digital Care Platform®

iFIX has aggressively developed an integrated digital care concept that works end-to-end from tracking customer interaction to fulfilling their preferences – all in real time, pro-actively. Enhances profitability across people, processes, and customers through patented DPR©

A Born in Cloud B2B platform

A born in Cloud opensource build B2B SAAS platform, that is configurable with short implementation cycle. With an outcome base pricing model, that delivers Speed-to-value, delivering faster ROI to customers

Pricing and Margins

Our licensing and pricing model is designed based on customer and partners success. Our engagement model and service rich opportunities will help grow your business, rewarding you based on your commitment and performance