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Hey, feeling excited to know more about us! You are talking to a young company built by a bunch of successful industry veterans. Find below some footprints of our journey.

Patient-turned Doctor of Next-Gen Digital Experience:

We are a bunch of tech-enthusiasts who challenged the status quo with the weapon of technology. Ventured out to find a way to a few specific industry problems with our technology experimentation. Having successfully overcome the business challenges in our long corporate career through hard way, we now want to give back to the industry some simple solution with great returns. Ours is a patient-turned-doctor story – who understand your business need in terms of Outcome, Value, Risk and Cost – and prescribe you digital tablet that boosts your business health steadily to a newer height.

Let’s dialogue.

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Surajit Bose

Co-Founder & CEO

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Subrata Mandal

Co-Founder & COO

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Souma Das

Co-Founder & CRO

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Satish Jaiswal

Founding Member & CTO

Re-imagineering CARE:

Your customer success story gets to a new peak when you think of CARE as not just a reactive, supportive behaviour – but as a journey towards Customer Acquisition – Retention – Endurance. This happens when you treat every customer as your first customer – right first time and every time – showing the due respect with personalized attention, intelligence-based offer and reach to them before they ask for it. We call it your CARE journey in true sense.

The future will be driven by how well you finetune your Go-To-Market plan in real time and execute those autonomously.

Autonomous Customer Care
Enterprise Digital Care
Digital Command Centre
iFIX Development Engine – iGNITE

Unleash Your C-A-R-E Journey with Real-time CX

In rapidly changing times like this when it becomes difficult to find new customers, the already pre…

Delivering a holistic digital customer care experience

Digital disruption will continue to be unstoppable as most organizations recast themselves into a more complex….

holistic customer care experience

Are you an experienced professional?

Recently passed out graduate?

Student looking out for internship?

If you are passionate about working in any of these software technology areas – GoLang, Microservices, Nodejs, Angular, React Native, MySQL, MongoDB, automation & AI technologies, analytics, cloud computing or similar open-source full stack development?

Pl mail your CV to us:

iFIX Partner Network Program

Unlock amazing profit potential while helping customers reimagine Digital Experience

iFIX Partner Program
iFIX Partner Program (IPP) is simple, predictable, and profitable, providing Partners with a complete growth path, a clear discount structure, sales resources, supported with training tools, and relationships that help partners succeed.
Program Benefits

It’s easy to become a iFIX Partner and earn great benefits. Partners receive:

  • Tier-based discounts and deal protection to drive sales and boost earnings
  • Incentives tied to value-add activities: finder’s fees and influence fee
Partner Investment
Program requirements are straight forward, and we make it easy for you to capitalize on this fastgrowing market segment. Based on your tier within the program, you’ll be asked to meet business, enablement, certification, and marketing requirements


iFIX Academy provides Training and Career Development programmes on the business functions delivered through iFIX products. Our programmes help in developing skills to become iFIX Business Analyst, iFIX Configuration Consultant and iFIX Development Consultant.

iFIX Business Analyst – works with the organization to understand its process and system requirements, conducts Digital Discovery workshop to introduce iFIX based solutions to business problems,defines the business specifications that aligns to the objective and goal statement.

iFIX Configuration Consultant – works on product configuration console DGC, configure the system as per process requirements and make the system ready for business use.

IFIX Development Consultant – works on iFIX development engine iGNITE, develop functional enhancements and build customs solutions to address specific business needs.


iFIX community thrive on enjoying working on iFIX platform and share their thoughts to innovate further.

End User Community

Developer Community

Partner Community