Customer experience: Predict it before it happens


Worldwide organizations are all aiming for how to improve their customer experiences – i.e., designing a high-quality customer interaction platform to improve advocacy, loyalty and customer satisfaction. Many a times, various traditional methods are used like customer meet, customer week celebration, Quarterly Business Reviews with customer leaderships, asking customers blatantly about their experiences so far, etc. It’s all deliberate attempt and very very formal in nature. If I am a customer of an online travel booking company and I am asked this question in a formal event by a senior executive of the company, I am obliged to give a “nice” answer. If I am an utterly frustrated customer, I have spoken about it anyway – either in various social media or to the company representative down the line handling my situation. Whatever be the case, the damage is done by that time!

“Provide a better customer experience” is a tagline for every CXO. However, in most cases, it is not an operational philosophy imbibed down the line to the customer service executive helping me on the travel booking. Therefore, the challenge remains – how do we transpire these day-to-day transactional experiences to the CXO or Customer Experience Manager on a real time? And enable them to act while it’s happening?

Technology has moved on and can provide appropriate solution to this problem. Think AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled process automation (RPA i.e., Robotic Process Automation) and it’s possible. A transactional detection engine can sense and detect such behavioural anomalies. Couple that with a recommendation engine to prescribe the most appropriate action and get it executed through your RPA agent. This is Detection-Prevention-Resolution (D-P-R) technology led customer experience management “before the damage is done”.

Wish you all a Happy Diwali!

Subrata Mandal, COO & Co-Founder, iFIXtech Global.

iFIX tech Global is an enterprise software company that specializes on elevating your customer experience using D-P-R technology.