Convert Customer Attention to Transaction

Gaining visitors’ attention and converting them into customers requires a disruptive digital engagement strategy.

With digitalization, businesses have shifted online and started producing online content to attract new customers and retain the old ones. But just producing high-quality content isn’t enough, you need to distribute it through proper channels and keep track on who is interacting, so that you can identify and analyze the audience.

You need to make sure that your target audience is defined. Targeting the audience, in general, makes no sense. Because a business that targets everyone converts no one. So, make sure you are reaching out to the right audience through the right channel.

Remember: Grabbing attention is half the battle, the other half is converting them into customers.

A business needs to understand the audience insights and different channels available. Then you need to analyze your business requirements and decide which channel you can leverage to achieve your goals. Various channels are available to grab the customers’ attention like promotional emails, personalized offers, influencer marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, etc.

Is grabbing attention enough? Well, no! The real game starts here. The question is: How do you nurture this ‘momentary obligation’ into a ‘relatively longer-lasting soothing relationship’? In simple terms, now you need to keep track and focus on converting them.

As per the studies, the attention span of millennials is approximately 8 seconds. That means you have to be really quick in advertising and come up with catchy content that sticks to the mind. After you grab the attention, you need to make sure that you convey your products/services in a manner that your audience understands. Here the company needs to make sure that the information is not just conveyed but understood by the customers.

A business needs to focus on customer-centric profitability and for that the best way is to enhance the customer experience through connecting, engaging, nurturing, collaborating, and growing. 

Here are the ways to convert the customer attention into transaction:

  • Engage-in-Moment

Nothing can beat the power of engaging with your customers instantly. And personalizing the interaction is just like a cherry on the top. Use the right tools to gather information about your customers and increase personal connections.

  • Provide Personalized Value

Make sure that both your content and brand experience add value to the specific needs of the customers. Let them know how your product/service can give them the best results.

  • Real-time interaction

Not replying to your customer on time can be the biggest red flag for them. Even an old customer can have a query. So, you need to respond quickly and address the concern.

A loyal customer can help in attracting new customers by word-of-mouth and a repeat customer can help in improving profitability. Similarly, addressing a concern quickly for a new customer helps in avoiding the loss and building trust.

  • Make them feel wanted

Well, no one wants to feel like a number. No matter how big or small your business is, create personalized messages for your customers and make them feel that you care for them.

These consistent efforts will help in establishing trust and building long-term relationships that drive you towards transactions.

How can iFIX help you to improve customer acquisition and retention?

iFIX Autonomous Customer CARE solution helps you to convert customer attention into a transaction by the holistic 360° CARE journey – Customer Acquisition, Retention and Endurance of business operations. iFIX provides in-moment engagement, identifies, and segments the target audience, tailors your message to the right ones and tracks it till closure. This will not just help in gaining attention but also in converting them into customers. 

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Subrata Mandal

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