Autonomous Customer Experience Management.

As we close on 2019, we start thinking what’s to come in 2020? Here’s my take. CXM (Customer Experience Management) has become the #1 priority for the CXOs world over. As the cost of a new customer acquisition is 5X more expensive than customer retention (Ref: HBR), how do we provide an all-round 360-degree experience is becoming the key success factor.  How do we deliver an end-to-end CX through use of technology is the key as we move on. It must be an autonomous engine, as an Autonomous CX, from tracking in real time to insights, recommending, preventing and resolving autonomously and everything else in between in real time. Thereafter, track the granular growth to chart your customer journey through Real Time Dashboards.

Subrata Mandal, COO & Co-Founder, iFIX tech Global.

iFIX tech Global is an enterprise software company that specializes in providing ‘real time customer experience management’ software using AI-RPA technology.