Autonomous Customer Care in this age of Digital Economy

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Customer Experience Management has been the most discussed topic last 2 years amongst the plethora of IT initiative by enterprises to move to the next level of digital transformation. And there is enough reason for companies to consider a digital CX platform and the foremost, is to gain visibility and insight of omnichannel customer journey data that can provide a quick and seamless shopping experience to customers.

If we try to dovetail different components of CEM, Customer engagement, employee empowerment, business process optimization, and product enhancement are some of the business areas transformed by customer experience management solutions. However, one of the elements that often get ignored, is the need of a proactive customer experience philosophy, even when everyone talks of potential applicability of AI / ML based advance analytics to address CX solution.

Customer Care in this digital age –

Customer experience is the interaction between a customer and a company as recognized by the customer. Such interaction could be across any touchpoint through different channel at any time and under different situations. A consistent customer experience considers all these factors and leads to higher customer value to an increase in business value. Can be a significant enabler in driving conversions and hence revenue, retention, and above all reducing cost to convert and acquire new customers. An efficient and effective Customer Care process is becoming increasingly important for every company, as customer experience has a direct impact on revenue, market share and is a key C-Suite agenda item for business.


Would not it be better if nothing ever went wrong –

Redefining Customer centricity: From Customer Experience to Customer Care

Various survey result shows that 96% of customers stops complaining of a poor customer experience after a certain point and up to 90% such switches brands based on the severity of experience with the existing brand. So, a significant percentage of such customer churn happens due to lack of proactive response as vendor’s depends on customer to inform about the problem or issues.

To achieve higher degree customer sat, organizations need to have a proactive care process. Given colossal amount of information and data already available in most digitally connected organisation.

Advancement of technology like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP can enable such process. To site an example, an AI & RPA driven autonomous system can crawl through real-time interaction, incidents, work flows and procedures across multi-channel to quickly detect anomaly, issues, or preferences of customer. Based on that data with the availability of RPA driven background process automation, intelligent care bot should be able to proactively generate best action to either resolve an issue or initiate recommendation before customer even knows they existed.


In other words, organisations need an autonomous customer care platform by bringing in connected care and proactive care to be able to provide the most efficient and seamless customer experience possible.


While a proactive customer care might initially sound far-fetched, but the fact is there is already significant amount of interaction data, trouble ticket information available that can be used to predict resolution or recommend preferences even before the same is raised or detected by the customer.


If there is one thing that world is witnessing from a consumer behaviour perspective is the need of hyper- personalisation meaning customer experience system needs to have a 360-degree insight as well. Given the current crisis and economic downturn, a key imperative for organizations to remain relevant and in business, will depend on their ability to retain and grow existing customers, in other words managing NPS (Net Promoters Score). And there could not have been a better time than now to adopt an autonomous Customer Care solution to deliver better customer experience.


Things to look out for in an autonomous customer care initiative –

Autonomous customer care begins with a design framework utilising advance AI tools like machine learning (ML), Deep learning (DL), NLP algorithms from detecting anomalies & outliers to predictive recommendation to make CX efficient. A digital customer care platform will continuously learn from every interaction and events triggered by multi-channel in real-time and will provide both customer and internal service agent with accurate responses.  


A continuous learning process and availability of experience resolution or recommendation history to improve response time and accuracy. An AI driven workflow engine to flag escalation and alert based on desired outcome. Even powering collective intelligence wherever required in meeting Service level objective. Finally, availability of detection and correction driven autonomous algorithm to reduce costly manual intervention in resolving an issue or recommending the right action.  


The importance of having such a platform is to make customer experience seamless, efficient, and proactive. Leading to customer delight and enterprises to benefit in improving Net Promoters Score (NPS) and new revenue stream.  




Soumo Das iFixtech Global 

Souma Das is one of the Co-founders, Chief Strategy Officer at iFIX tech Global. He currently focuses on company’s GTM strategy and Global market expansion. Previously, he was Managing Director at Teradata India.