5 Common Errors in Managing Customer Care


 5 common errors in managing customer care process-ifixtech ACC
here are common errors in managing customer care process

A customer’s journey in using the product or service of a manufacturer or retailer may have to go through a wide range of channels – whether to know about the product description on an e-commerce website, reading a comment about the product on a Social media channel, reviews on Google, receive an email/chat with an agent to understand the product, etc. All such connections increasing the complexity of Customer Experience Management.

Most companies across verticals, however, still manage their channels separately, which can result in a series of confusions for the customer, where they receive various offers and suggestions and even encounter a different kind of brand experience from each channel on service requests. The bottom line, customer loyalty demands orchestration of the omnichannel customer experience.

Delivering an elevated customer experience depends on an organization’s readiness in extending a seamless customer engagement process, that is data-driven involving each attribute across all customer interactions. In a simple term that’s Customer Care.

Digital transformation is one of the biggest challenges for every industry, however, if it is customer-specific, then this will be the first challenge that needs to be addressed. New technology can be expensive, but at the same time, imperative. Introducing customer experience solutions can be a laborious task, especially for large B2C companies. Implementing new CUSTOMER CARE platforms without disrupting the service, requires advanced tools so that the customers are not annoyed. The other challenge is to understand various breakpoints that interrupt the relationship journey between a customer and the company.

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The customer care process stands as the strength of any company, a customer experience can win you many new leads or make you go bankrupt depending on how it goes. Implementing any new process and technology cannot be always 100% full proof. Errors are an expected part of every endeavor. However, remaining blind to the faults of your customer service strategy can mean a real hit for customer satisfaction, customer retention, and thereby can impact your business’ success.

Below listed are few common errors you need to avoid.

1. Not Listening –Assuming you know it all does not become necessary for you to listen 100% to your customers, thereby making a common error of judging the problem and giving a solution that does not solve the issue of the customer, besides missing vital chances to improve. Complaints are opportunities for businesses to evolve into what your customer wants or needs. Show customers that their opinions are valued by enabling them to give feedback. By not listening to customer voice may lead to –






2. Lack of Omni-channel Customer Data – Businesses that create a true omnichannel experience can exceed customer expectations and move ahead of the competition. At the heart of it, omnichannel is about using customer (and potential customer) data wisely to create a seamless customer experience, regardless of how the customer chooses to contact the brand.

You need to have a harmonized data system towards an end-to-end multi-channel customer engagement automation solution. On a smaller scale, you may not see much difference, but when you have thousands of customers all over the world, you need to optimize some processes. Multichannel customer service means that customers can communicate with your business in a variety of different ways. They can send an email, call, WhatsApp, text, or tweet at you and expect a prompt response in real-time.

At the heart of it, omnichannel means a shift from an incident-based system to a customer-based one. This may seem like a daunting task. But with the right change in mindset and some minor investments in resources and technology, it can be done. Data is a crucial consideration for developing omnichannel Customer Care. It is important to have a complete picture of your data landscape to start breaking down silos and making customer data seamlessly available across different stakeholders in customer service.

3. Failing to build a Relationship – Building customer relationships are important because they increase sales, reduce customer attrition, deliver invaluable marketing, boost employee morale, and turn customers into your R&D department in driving product innovation. With rapid digitalization competitions are always looking to break the existing customer base. An AI/ML driven Autonomous Customer Care solution can significantly improve customer response thereby driving stronger customer relationships, increase trust and reduce customer attrition.

4. Loyalty Program – A customer service mistake businesses by treating new business better than existing customers. However, it is very much crucial to understand your loyal customers first and plan a reward program for them. Loyalty programs bring very direct benefits to companies in terms of growth and profits, but their greatest value over time may be the increased visibility into and deeper understanding of individual customer behavior. Loyalty programs encourage customers to share more data, which is then used to personalize their customer experience, which in turn makes them more loyal. An enterprise Customer Care approach is a key factor in driving higher member satisfaction and engagement. A real-time ability to recognize customer loyalty and their Lifetime value can enable hyper-personalization to offer preferential services, benefits and expand your share of their wallet, Strike a lasting relationship.

5. Lack of Procedures – Organizations need to maintain the right set of procedures so that it becomes easy for the customer-facing staff to have in-depth real-time knowledge about the customers during any interactions. Building a 360-degree view of the customer provides benefits to businesses across various sectors, whether it is a retailer, e-commerce, a healthcare provider, a Telecom company, or a Bank. The reality is that as more and more customers expand their digital footprints, they create a pool of invaluable data about their customer journey––from data on recent purchases to day-to-day interactions with the brand.

What you need to have is an organized procedure, an end-to-end automation solution, powered by intelligence, to capture customer interactions, voice of the customer, and customer behavior across multi-channel to deliver a real-time experience. Providing a complete customer CARE transformation through AI/ML and automation technology. This transformational journey covers Customer Acquisition, Retention and Endurance

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